“Uncertainty is a great blessing, if you can flow with it. If you’re stuck on your determination… on your outcome… then uncertainty doesn’t have a chance and miracles can’t happen”.  – Jonas Gerard Every traveler at some point learns the lesson that the most enjoyable trips tend to be the ones where the final destination […]

Creative Energy – The Art Of Opening

In our gallery there are signs stating, “It’s OK To Touch”. This speaks of and reinforces my love for the tactile elements in art.  I don’t strive simply for an in-your-face assault on the senses.  Instead, I work to shift and channel creative energy in its multitude of forms and express it through the indescribable […]

River Of Silk – A New Show

Surrounded By Silk   Jonas Gerard is constantly scouting new avenues of expression.  His famous gallery signs stating, “it is ok to touch” speak of and reinforce a love for the tactile elements in art.  It is no surprise then that when a desire to explore gentle, ethereal, dreamy colors and textures arose again, his […]