River Arts District

Art Enhances a Healing Environment

Video: The Making of ‘Passionately Alive’ Enjoy the ride as we take you through the process of Jonas Gerard painting the 24-foot mural ‘Passionately Alive’ in front of a live audience.  After the creation of the large scale art, watch as it is installed above the CarePartners therapy pool, greatly enhancing the healing environment. Color, […]

Passionately Alive

Mural is now installed at the CarePartners therapy pool.   If you witnessed the creation of the 8′ x 24′ explosion of color and form that is the Jonas Gerard mural titled ‘Passionatley Alive,’ then you contributed to the birth of the artwork itself. Jonas believes in letting go of all preconceived expectation when creating […]

An Inspiring Day

  Montford Hall Students Create a Masterpiece Nov. 2nd, 2016 – Students from Montford Hall, a new non-profit boarding school for teen boys, had an inspiring day visiting Jonas Gerard Fine Art at Clingman Avenue. What started as a scheduled tour of the gallery for the group of adolescent boys, turned into a full blown […]