What abstract art means to me

BY JONAS GERARD • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT, ASHEVILLE Published in the July 2019 • Vol. 22, No. 11 of:Rapid River Magazine’s Arts & Culture Abstract art is difficult to define but fascinating. After an extremely long progression stemming from the Impressionist movement beginning in mid-19th Century France, the “Abstract Expressionist Movement” as we call it today, […]

Jonas Collaboration with Composer in London

Update, 9/29/17 Video and photos are trickling in!     Presented with an amazing opportunity for collaboration, Jonas Gerard has flown to London to create a special series of paintings in the midst of a live orchestra. Tom Player, a composer based in London, England, discovered Jonas and his action painting style on Youtube.  Mr. […]

Observing Art: A Two Part Series

  Introducing a two part Blog series written by an art therapist and a psychologist who share a love of the artistic process and an attraction to the Picasso influenced, figurative painting “Christine” that Jonas painted in the 1980’s. Part 1 – The Process of Painting, by Carl Gaconno   Part 2 – Where There […]