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In Search of the Illusive Inner Self

Why is it so difficult to discover one’s inner self?  Shouldn’t it be an effortless process occurring naturally as we age — where ultimately, like mental slight-of-hand, the inner self is magically revealed? The difficulties people experience while striving for inner peace and harmony would suggest that achieving psychological and spiritual growth is a bit […]

When A Painting Speaks to You Part I:
Reflections on Jonas Gerard’s Christine

Whether conducting a diagnostic interview or attempting to understand an existential experience, success depends on asking the right questions. In a similar manner, speculation about the motivation of the abstract artist or what they were attempting to achieve are the wrong questions and will not reveal why the painting speaks to you. In part, why […]

Observing Art: A Two Part Series

  Introducing a two part Blog series written by an art therapist and a psychologist who share a love of the artistic process and an attraction to the Picasso influenced, figurative painting “Christine” that Jonas painted in the 1980’s. Part 1 – The Process of Painting, by Carl Gaconno   Part 2 – Where There […]