October 31, 2015

What a Feeling

Standing in front of the mural entitled Life, Love and Passion and actually touching it is almost like therapy for some people. When visitors wander into the Jonas Gerard gallery and run their fingers over the mural’s texture or simply place a hand on its surface, it’s as though they can feel its heartbeat, a vibration that resonates with something deep in the soul.


Jonas Gerard painted the mural—nova-like explosions of color splashing over seven aluminum panels—as a welcoming beacon to hang over the entrance to Riverview Station in Asheville’s River Arts District.  Before it could be installed, however, it needed to be stored somewhere.  So it was brought inside his gallery located in the historic building. And that’s when it became more than a work of art.

People, even those who are familiar with the fearless spontaneity and evocative quality of Jonas’ work, are awestruck by the energy and vitality of Life, Love and Passion. Experiencing the mural up close and personal invites them to feel from the heart. All kinds of emotions, not only the joyous ones you would expect from a work so vibrant. Its formlessness awakens their senses and opens up infinite possibilities within them.

Jonas is humbled and grateful for the responses. And a bit in awe of the unexpected.  ”Seeing it at eye level is a powerful experience. As people touch it and feel the texture it produces a larger than life emotional response that I’ve never witnessed before.”



The mural will soon be installed on the southern exterior of Riverview Station. In its permanent location, it will surely bring happiness to visitors to the area, but until then it’s inside where it can be touched…and touch you as well.

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