July 12, 2013

Starving Artist? I Think Not!

Jonas Gerard, Starving Artist? I think not!

I constantly hear people refer to themselves as a “Starving Artist”.  I would like to go on record as saying it’s an overused and miscomprehended phrase.  If you are an artist in the true sense of the word, then you can never be starving.  In fact, we are so full we’re bursting out on to canvas!


We are running a full service, five star restaurant with an all you can eat buffet of creative juices and colorful pallets and people are lined up around the block for a taste.  Starving, you say?  I think not.


When people, who are not artists, refer to artists as starving, they are referring to a lack of income.  Ok.  I get that.  But do you really want to measure a truly magical and meaningful field of work in dollars?  You would never refer to a Buddhist monk as a “Starving Meditator”, or Mother Theresa as a “Starving Saint”.  People can understand that their paths are different and they are fed and sustained by something other than money.


Collecting art is a way to connect to something bigger than yourself; to resonate with someone’s creative spirit at the same frequency for that special moment in time; to step foot in their imaginative world and feel the air around you.  But the buying of art does not define a great artist.  We are not better or worse simply because there is a monetary value placed on our work.  Van Gogh sold ONE painting in his entire career.  One painting for 400 francs!  His paintings haven’t changed; just people’s perspective of them.

To create art is to bare your soul, to speak to others around you and share with them the wonder you see in the world; to feast on the energy source that connects us all.  Some people only create for themselves and never share with anyone the interpretations of their alternate universe.  But the brave ones are willing to bare their truths to the world, and embrace their power of imagination.  They allow you the opportunity to make their art a part of your life.


So I challenge you to think again, on this commonplace phrase.  Look in to your own heart and evaluate your level of “fullness”.  How do you fill your days and do your days fulfill you?  You just might find your tummy grumbling.

– Misha

Reused by permission. Originally published on delphianartistry.com

4 thoughts on “Starving Artist? I Think Not!

  1. Brigitte Willener says:

    Dear Misha, I agree completely with you. Unfortunately I can not convince the man in the foodstore…….love and success, happysness and good health

  2. I appreciate and agree your comment , but I am very discouraged. It is hard to find a way to start when there is no funds … Even to show at local fair , it is costly to set up a booth. I found courage to share my art being 62 yrs old after going thru serious health problem recently, painting truly helped me get stronger … hoping that art would help me pay some of my bills would be wonderful… i do believe its never too late.

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