Studio Happening

It was so amazing to “happen” across your gallery last Saturday. My girlfriend brought me there after getting some coffee down the street and saw that your studio was open, so we went inside. Not long after the music started I saw some open drums and felt compelled to join in. I was immediately drawn […]

The 3rd Grade Interviews

A Very Special Interview Various local 3rd grade students recently asked Jonas to participate in their “Heroes Of Asheville” journalism project.  The students chose a number of local public figures to be interviewed about their work and contributions to the community.  Jonas was honored to be among them. During the interview process Jonas was caught […]

Studio Talk With Jonas

[Ed. Note: The following is a transcription of a studio talk Jonas gave to a group of visitors recently] This is my area.  It’s my sacred area.  In last two days I’ve made seven new paintings here. I’ve been inspired by these quotes (pointing to the quotes on the wall) as well as these from […]