Mission Statement:

“Jonas Gerard Fine Art is a different kind of art gallery. It is a place of service, a gallery atmosphere that is comfortable and people friendly. Within that space our mission is rooted as our expression of a world filled with love, gratitude, spontaneity and fearless creativity. Where one is offered the opportunity to be totally present – to receive a very different kind of vibration that temporarily freezes the mind and without words opens the heart in an unexpected way. The space creates an invitation to trust in ‘letting go’.

The Grace coming through the intuitive process of the artist making the art is really the very moment when the Creativity Energy in the Universe chooses to come to physical expression for the world to partake. That, in a nut shell, is what our mission is really about.

We are ever so grateful to everyone and every employee who is connected with these two galleries in a multitude of various capacities, for supporting and creating this sacred space where those everyday miracles happen. Everyone that visits the gallery and everyone who works here contributes to the magic in action.

All in all, we at JGFA are all so grateful for the opportunity to be of service to our community and beyond.