September 26, 2017

Jonas Collaboration with Composer in London

Update, 9/29/17

Video and photos are trickling in!



Presented with an amazing opportunity for collaboration, Jonas Gerard has flown to London to create a special series of paintings in the midst of a live orchestra.

Composer Tom Player, of Lost Track Productions.

Composer Tom Player, of Lost Track Productions.

Tom Player, a composer based in London, England, discovered Jonas and his action painting style on Youtube.¬† Mr. Player’s music is often used in film trailers for big budget Hollywood movies and video game releases, as well as high end car commercials, and he is the creative mind behind Lost Track Productions.

Inspired by Jonas’ improvisational, musically driven, approach to painting, Mr. Player reached out to the artist and offered him a chance to collaborate. Tom is recording his second full length album of compositions with over seventy orchestral musicians, in the world famous Air Studios, in North London.

June 16, 2017

Observing Art: A Two Part Series


Introducing a two part Blog series written by an art therapist and a psychologist who share a love of the artistic process and an attraction to the Picasso influenced, figurative painting “Christine” that Jonas painted in the 1980’s.

Part 1The Process of Painting, by Carl Gaconno


Part 2Where There is No Beginning and End, by Margit


June 16, 2017

Where There is no Beginning and End

A poem and reflections on the painting “Christine”,

and art in general, by Margit Steiner




Where do we meet ?
In the corridors of life going from one room to the next
In the stillness of the noise
In the eye of the hurricane
In the spaces where the mind sees the same lines, forms, colors and composition that makes the whole?
In the second when the water drop  is suspended in midair before it decides to land on sacred ground

In the moving and turning of bodies reflecting the lights and shadows of our soul
In the wanting and holding
finding and losing
moving through the landscape of intertwined hills and valleys of body and soul
Where there is no beginning and end
and the soul and essence of life meets and melts into one
Where creation and the Divine collapse into each other and become one singularity
And Self is reflected back to us in the face of another.


Maybe that is what art is all about.